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Sustainable Christmas Joy with Eco-Friendly Decor

Ah, the magic of Christmas, a time when homes glow with festive lights, the aroma of freshly baked treats fills the air, and families gather around beautifully adorned trees.

As the season of joy approaches, it’s important to consider the impact our traditions have on the environment. At Studio Mae, we’re delving into the art of sustainable Christmas decorating and how you can infuse the holiday spirit into your home while treading lightly on our planet.

Real or fake? Which Christmas tree choice aligns with sustainability goals? Surprisingly, getting a real Christmas tree proves to be the more eco-friendly choice. Real trees require fewer resources to produce and are often grown on land that has already been cleared. Contrary to common belief, certified Christmas tree farms contribute to reforestation efforts rather than deforestation. Yay!

On the flip side, artificial trees, predominantly manufactured in China, can pose environmental challenges. Crafted from PVC plastic, they endure for centuries in landfills, releasing harmful substances. However, if you already own an artificial tree, sustainability leans in your favor the longer you use it in 20+ years it turns equally ‘green.’

For the environmentally conscious, selecting a sustainably grown real tree is key. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, go for organic and pesticide-free varieties, and choose locally grown trees to minimise transportation emissions if you can. Taking it up a notch, consider a potted Christmas tree. These resilient trees can thrive in a pot, and once the festivities conclude, they find a new home in your garden or balcony, promising years of green joy.

Let’s talk lights! The twinkling stars of Christmas decor. Opting for energy-efficient LED lights is not just a trend but a sustainable choice. If you’re purchasing brand new lights or your current set dates back a decade, do consider LEDs. They slash power costs by up to 90%, boasting a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. A thoughtful addition is lights with timers, reducing energy consumption by automating the switch-off process. Win! When a bulb fizzles out, resist the temptation to buy a new set. Investigate and replace the blown bulb, a more sustainable approach that contributes to the longevity of your decorations.

Now, onto the fun task of decorating your tree. The most sustainable approach? Reuse existing decorations of course. But if your ornament collection needs a refresh, do go for sustainably sourced alternatives. Locally handmade decorations using FSC-certified wood or recycled materials tick the eco-friendly boxes for us. For a charming and edible twist, involve the family in creating gingerbread shapes. These delightful treats not only enhance the tree’s aesthetics but also offer a delectable countdown to Christmas.

Extend the ethos of sustainability to the base of your tree. Choose tree skirts made from eco-friendly materials like recycled or organic fabrics. Alternatively, get creative and repurpose old blankets or scarves into unique and personal tree skirts.

Wrapping presents is another opportunity to make eco-conscious choices. Opt for reusable gift wrap or get inventive with newspaper, fabric, or even maps. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also adds a personal touch to your gifts.

While the Christmas tree takes center stage, sustainable practices extend beyond its branches. Consider these green touches for a holistic celebration:

  • Eco-Friendly Wreaths: Choose wreaths made from sustainable materials or craft your own using natural elements.
sustainable christmas


  • Green Gifting: Opt for gifts with minimal packaging or create personalized, homemade presents. Consider experiences or consumables over material possessions.
sustainable christmas
  • Energy-Efficient Decor: Use LED lights for your exterior decor and set them on timers to conserve energy.
sustainable christmas


  • Minimalist Approach: Embrace a minimalist decor style, focusing on a few impactful elements rather than an excess of decorations.
sustainable christmas
  • Sustainable Table Setting: Use reusable or biodegradable dinnerware and incorporate natural elements like fruit, flower arrangements, pine cones or holly into your table decor.
sustainable christmas


Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, let’s make sustainability our guiding star for Christmas. Decorating consciously not only adds joy at home but also does its bit for our planet. From the first twinkle on the tree to the last festive bite, let’s make every moment echo the spirit of a sustainable Christmas. Infuse the season with warmth, joy, and a green consciousness, creating cherished memories that tread lightly on the Earth.

As we navigate the festive season, let Studio Mae be your guide to a sustainable and joyous Christmas. Contact Us for expert advice on creating a holiday space that reflects the magic of the season without compromising our beautiful planet.

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