Chroma Place

ESR & Boutique Concepts

Sydney, Australia

Complete design

Design and construction of an immersive coworking space that enhances each activity and nurtures the health of the individual.

This co-working space was designed to work harmoniously with the occupants and our planet. By implementing proven principles of light and colour psychology, Studio Mae designed each work zone to foster multiple work environments. From creativity and productivity to collaboration and time out, furnishings and interiors were introduced to enhance each activity and nurture the health of the individual.

By combining soft and supportive furnishings with acoustic treatments, Studio Mae created a collaborative environment that fosters productivity without visual distractions. The nature-inspired palette and contrasting textures enhance the sense of harmony, while bespoke furniture adds personality to each zone and promotes optimal seating and setup for various activities.

Natural elements and materials are seamlessly incorporated throughout, providing biophilic benefits. The stand-up meeting table, crafted locally from recycled materials, reflects our commitment to sustainable design that tells a meaningful story and contributes to both health and the environment.

Lastly, the strategic use of red tones in the meeting room ignites confidence, purpose, and drive, while the overall muted palette creates a secure yet energising space that stimulates creativity and intent.

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