Cinnamon House


Sydney, Australia

Complete design

Design a Hamptons-inspired home that seamlessly blends style, well-being, and sustainability by incorporating ethical furnishings whilst prioritising health and happiness.

Warm taupe pigment was chosen for the walls to marry perfectly with the kitchen veneer. This unified the space and made it feel larger.  Studio Mae specified Ecolor paint which has zero toxins.

Studio Mae aimed to capture the relaxed coastal essence of the Hamptons while providing the couple with a sophisticated, timeless and inviting home.  By incorporating unique, sustainable furnishings and finishes, every room was designed to enhance the well-being and happiness of the homeowners.

Using a warm taupe pigment on the walls and eco-friendly Ecolor paint (zero toxin paint), the space was unified and expanded.  The kitchen showcased a bespoke farmhouse-style sink made from the same palazzo stone as the countertop, elevating the design.

Clever joinery provided ample storage, and a neutral palette allowed the couple’s artwork and travel mementos to take centre stage.  The custom dining table was beautifully crafted from stone that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, making this limestone dining table incredibly unique and sustainable.

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