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Sydney, Australia

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A commercial design that goes beyond aesthetics, prioritising the wellbeing and productivity of future tenants. 

The level one display suite was designed to create a calm and focused work environment. By applying warm, neutral tones and materials, a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience was established.

Studio Mae understands the profound impact of work surroundings on productivity, creativity, focus, and wellbeing, and our approach to each commercial project is driven by this consciousness, ensuring that the interior design not only enhances the health of its people but also elevates the reputation of the  brand.

Our commitment to treading lightly on the planet is inspired by nature itself, resulting in spaces that harmonise with the environment without compromising it. In this  display suite, we crafted a serene and focused work environment through warm, neutral tones and materials, creating a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience.

Every aspect of the suite was meticulously designed to encourage meaningful conversations, with non-distracting yet high-end textiles and a palette that exudes a subtle sense of optimism and success. By sourcing from local Australian suppliers, we not only reduced our carbon footprint but also infused the interior with  a compelling narrative.

Our boardroom design prioritises privacy and health, utilising lime-based paint, natural timber, and organic linen drapery to improve acoustics, reduce toxins, and minimise distractions. In our quest for innovative finishes, we employed tile glue as a textural wallpaper in the breakout space for interest and durability.

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