Hotel Interior Designers

With a focus on wellness, quality and conscious detail, our award-winning interior design team provides the expertise and creative vision to evoke emotional responses that amplify relaxation and enjoyment to another level.

We design beautifully crafted, luxury interiors for hotels to nourish your guests’ health and wellbeing and protect our planet, working closely with you and our handpicked suppliers every step of the way. Based in both Sydney and London, we work with luxury hotels across Australia and Europe who want to offer sustainable interiors that support the wellbeing of their guests.

Design that goes beyond aesthetics; design with emotion and purpose.


We are driven by our passion to improve the wellbeing of our clients through beautifully healthy and sustainable interiors. We are thrilled that this commitment to conscious design has been recognised in our industry through renowned awards.

What We Do

The interiors we create for hotels are synonymous with beautiful simplicity, natural light and handpicked finishes, inspired by nature and exquisite craftsmanship.

Our signature aesthetic embodies healthy living.

From design concepts and technical documentation to sourcing furnishings, finishes, and providing styling expertise, our experienced designers will collaborate seamlessly with your project team.

Kind Words