For us, interior design is so much more than just a look, it’s design with feeling. It’s conscious. Conscious design is thoughtful, practical and sustainable, and enables us to tread very lightly on our planet. This means we use products and pieces that have a positive impact on wellbeing. They’re non-toxic, eco-friendly and designed to last through the generations. This isn’t at the sacrifice of style. Through our global network and extensive address book we’re able to source the very best in holistic interiors without compromising on flair, design, comfort and amenity.

About Studio Mae


With over 20 years professional interior design experience on an international scale, Liz and Mima have led award-winning interior design projects from inception to completion in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors. They now work exclusively in London and Australia, bringing that global experience to your door.


We are driven by our passion to improve the wellbeing of our clients through beautifully healthy and sustainable interiors. We are thrilled that this commitment to conscious design has been recognised in our industry through renowned awards.

About Studio Mae


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